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Hire For Results© Workshop

A Highly Interactive Management Experience
“The Right people are your most important asset.”
___Jim Collins, author, Good To Great


Reduce the inherent risk in making hiring decisions. Learn and implement the Hire For Results P.I.E.© employee selection process that is used by thousands of hiring managers to make more objective and predictable hiring decisions.

Half-day and full-day in-house workshops are tailored to your specific hiring requirements and culture. As a result of participating in the Hire For Results workshop, your managers will learn to:

  • Develop a results driven hiring Profile – a blueprint to justify the hire and guide the recruitment, selection and hiring process.

  • Identify behavior patterns that influence success in your company environment and are imperative in determining a candidate’s cultural fit.

  • Get behind the interview façade to reveal a candidate’s strengths, shortcomings and cultural fit.

  • Ensure their evaluation of a candidate is accurate through in-depth reference interviewing techniques.

Exercises and role-playing participation, specific to your company’s unique hiring requirements, make for a highly interactive experience.

Each participant will receive a copy of Hiring Winners, a Business Week Book Club Main Selection, authored by Dick Pinsker, your workshop facilitator.