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Symptoms of Pain

Pain can be annoying, uncomfortable, dreadful or even horrible. At whatever level, pain can be quite stressful.

Do any of the following statements cause you some “pain?”
(Some statements may also apply to promoting employees.)

Pain Symptoms Relief
Our hiring efforts have not always been successful Put into place a logical, risk-reduction hiring system
We sometimes completely miss-read a candidate Learn interview skills & techniques that crack the facade
We have trouble attracting great candidates to our company Develop and implement a pro-active recruitment program
Every time we need to recruit someone, we seem to start from scratch Develop a “back bench” resource line-up
Our hiring costs do not equate to the results we get Analyze hiring costs including turnover
We’re not often sure if a candidate fits in with our team Identify the most successful company behavior patterns
Checking a candidate’s reference does not often reveal much Learn how to get more out of checking references
Some of our managers are intimidated by the interview process Need for interview training and practice
We don’t have the resources to find good people Develop resources in a pro-active recruitment program
We have trouble keeping a confidential search private May require the services of an executive search firm
Sometime we have difficulty knowing what to look for in a candidate Start with identifying performance expectations
Internal promotions are not always successful Use good hiring principles for promotional considerations
Our experience with outside recruiters has not always been rewarding Involve a recruiter before you need his/her services
Candidates always seem to have the “right” answer in the interview Need for interview training and practice
Business pressures often reduce the time we have for recruiting Bring in an outside resource for part or all recruitment
Our employee referral program does not often produce great hires Make sure you are rewarding for the behavior you desire
I can’t seem to hire people just like me Maybe that’s not what you really require
We don’t always agree on the best candidate to hire Get an objective, non-emotional opinion
I’ve run out of friends that have given me employee referrals Develop own recruitment sources and referral program

For relief, call Richard Pinsker and Company/Executive Selection Consultants 916.797.9166