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Retained Executive Search Services

Pinsker and Company is a client-focused boutique executive search firm. The firm works for only one client within an industry sector to provide that client with unlimited candidate potential.

Partnering with Pinsker and Company offers a client a number of distinct advantages:

1. Unlimited Candidate Sources. No targeted companies would be “off-limits” to a client. This provides the client with the greatest number of potential, well-qualified candidates. Additionally, the client need not be concerned that a strong candidate might be diverted to a competitor.

2. Best Candidate/Client Fit. A single, highly experienced and skilled person performs all key activities including interfacing with the client’s management, developing the candidate/position profile, interviewing and referencing candidates, and maintaining a continuous dialogue with the client and the candidates. This continuity results in a better candidate/client fit. Dick Pinsker performs all the above activities in this search engagement, assuring nothing is lost in the interpretation of the requirements. Of critical importance is his skill in assessing a client’s culture as well as the cultural background and fit of candidates.

3. Unparalleled Commitment to Search Success. The Pinsker name is “on the door.” Pinsker and Company means a commitment to client satisfaction, achieving the desired results and continuing its excellent reputation with clients. The Pinsker and Company goal: The hiring of an outstanding person who quickly adds substantial client value.

As a further commitment, Dick Pinsker restricts his search engagement “load” to a maximum of four searches at a particular time, only one of which would be in the initial stage. This gives the client the full attention it deserves.

Each search engagement is unique to a client’s specific environment and needs, but Pinsker and Company follows a process that Dick Pinsker initiated over twenty years ago. Through his book, Hiring Winners, and his Hire for Results workshops, Dick Pinsker has taught thousands of hiring managers how to make more objective and predictable hiring decisions. Following are the steps to ensure success in hiring a winner:

1. Candidate/Position Profile Development. Working with client management, Dick Pinsker will help develop a list of Performance Expectations as well as identify the company’s “culture” or personality that impacts the candidate’s ability to achieve success in his or her new environment. This information becomes the backbone of the Candidate/Position Profile, the blueprint for the search engagement.

2. Candidate Sourcing. There are over 200 candidate development research firms that supply candidate leads and prospects to executive search firms. Using a target list of companies developed in conjunction with the client’s management team, and having no “off limits” companies, Dick Pinsker will select the appropriate research firms(s) as an adjunct to executive network he has developed over the past 30 years. The results: no stone is left unturned to identify highly qualified prospects.

3. “Short List" to Candidates.
Prospects will be phone interviewed to cull down to a “short list” of candidates. After further refinement, candidates will be evaluated through face-to-face, in-depth interviews. These will focus on the candidate’s capabilities and experience, interpersonal skills, adaptability to new environments and likelihood of fitting into the client’s organization and culture. Candidates surviving will meet with client management.

4. Candidate Evaluation. Dick Pinsker will “interview” multiple levels of reference checks to ensure the candidate’s capabilities, accomplishments and management style are as represented by the candidate. Candidates will be compared to one another and to the Candidate/Position Profile earlier developed with client’s management.

5. Finalizing the Hire. After a series of interviews between candidates and client’s management, and the finalist candidate is selected, Pinsker assists in compensation negotiation. Without any conflict of interest (Search fees are “fixed” at the initiation of a search engagement) he can ensure that the offer extended to the candidate will be accepted.

6. Closing the Search. After the candidate has started employment, Pinsker will close with the other candidate finalists to ensure they keep a positive image of the client. (Finalists in the client’s search will be leaders in the industry. Making the extra effort to develop a long-term positive image is important to the success of future recruitment.)

7. Follow up. Dick Pinsker meets with the client’s management and the new hire for at least a six-month period to facilitate a smooth transition into the client’s organization.


The objective of each search engagement is to recruit and hire the best possible candidate for the position. Should the candidate hired leave the company within one year, Pinsker will replace that candidate for out-of-pocket expenses only. The only proviso is that it is a replacement for the position vacated.