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Praise for Hiring Winners

Hiring Winners
Business Week Book Club Main Selection
Richard J. Pinsker

Praise for Hiring Winners

“ Excellent, straightforward, to-the-point advice on an area we all need help in, but are reticent to admit or recognize. Easy reading, well organized.”

E.T. Bahre, Former Board Chairman & CEO, CCT Corporation

“ The use of the PIE concept, and especially the preparation of a complete Profile, greatly enhances your ability to recruit only the best people for your company.”

Ron Donati, Former President, Zycon Corporation

“ Hiring Winners is a winner . . .(It) combines elements that we have viewed as isolated activities and establishes a logical system for hiring. The system can be easily applied and routinely practiced by any manager.”

Dan Campbell, Former VP, Finance & Administration, Point 4 Data Corporation

“ I’ve read your book from cover to cover, and gone back to it again and again as I was building the founding team of my new company. . . .straightforward, no nonsense advice helped me cut right through to what I needed to know. This book won’t gather dust on your readers’ shelves.”

Hugues Farges, President, ILOG, Inc.

“ One of the best books on hiring that we have read. We think this may change the way you approach the hiring process.”

The Journal of the Association of Small Business Development Centers

“ A good book on recruiting and hiring. . . . All part of Pinsker’s no-nonsense system of profiling, interviewing and evaluating – his basis for successful hiring of upper-level people.”

San Jose Mercury News

“ Pinsker provides a ready-to-use, foolproof system for finding, recognizing and hiring the ideal person every time.”

HRM Magazine

“ This book is a decade old, but just how much have people changed? This book could have been written yesterday or 10 years from now and be just as valid.”

Bert Holeton, Holeton Consulting

Now in its seventh printing, the paperback edition can be purchased through
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